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Hello ladies...

Got the shot, ankle is somewhat better today, at least they are not calling me limpin Igor! lol Not a whole lot can be done and eventually the shots won't help.

CHELLE...I can send a USB drive, no worries. The swiss steak recipe is not in the cookbook. I will post it here later. is 60 and thunderstorming here today. Snow is melting and the city is one huge lake. I may just start eating pebbles as I rarely see a fat bird. lol. Of course I would have to learn to fly for exercise. lol I have some rain boots but my feet freeze in them. I need to get snow boots.

SHAD...thanks for the webcam site, I will be checking it out later.

CEEG...put the company in the twin bed and you stay in your bed.

SUSIE...glad the visa all worked out for your boss. Good on ya for going to the Y.

LAURA....sometimes I wish I had better skills like sewing, and would love to learn to knit. I know how to crochet. are you today?

I must say I have been in a frenzy the past week or so. Humana had a re-org, positions cut, and now everyone, including my management has to re-apply for our own positions, PLUS anyone in the company can apply for the position. So several things...don't know if my position will be reposted, don't know if I would get it even if it were, and they will be offering new salaries for all positions, which most likely be cut. I am very unhappy with many things this week and trying to pull myself out of it, hence lack of posting here. Sorry to be a HUGE Debbie Downer.



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