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Aloha! It's been a beautiful day here, although hotter than usual in the sun and quite humid. They've had more rain this year and the flowers are gorgeous; everything else is green and not brown like the last time. We went out on a whale watch and it was a good one. Then we met our traveling friend's brother and wife from Mpls. for lunch. Stopped at the grocery store for a snack type supper items of fruit, cheese, meat, and crackers. I think I am more tired now than yesterday.

"Gma" -- I'm glad your doctor appointment went well. I am appalled at what some of the people here are wearing, or lack of I should say. They either don't look in a mirror or don't care. It was awfully nice of you to give the items to Kelly's friend.

Susan -- If you enjoy the work, and want to make the time commitment, I'd say go for the job. On the other hand it's nice to call your time your own. A big decision for sure. I wore my floppy brimmed hat out in the boat today. We try to go at 10 before it gets too hot. You will be an even busier quilter but I know how much you enjoy your different groups.

Maggie -- Good luck with the exercise! I can definitely tell we haven't been walking! We've had to park further away from the whale boat and my puppies were complaining this afternoon! I had to smile at the cat and liver story.

Guess I will do some whale searching from the lanai. Bob and friends say they have spotted some. Enjoy your evening!
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