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Originally Posted by IanG View Post
I've googled it. I've looked for it here. And I have looked for it there. But so far, I am the only crazy son [email protected] that seems to be trying this long term.

Yep, canned fish for breakfast and lunch (skipping dinner) every day, combined with oats (for breakfast) or a salad (for lunch).

In terms of nutrition, it can't really be beat. Lots of protein, low fat, low calorie.

Some fish have mercury concerns but you can avoid that with good choices. And there are BPA risks with some cans.

Let's see if I live to tell the tale.

At the moment I am eating five cans a day.

Tomorrow, I will be eating a can of kippers, two cans of smoked oysters, a can of octopus in olive oil and a can of jumbo lump crab (with oats and salad).

Do or die or both.
I'm sure you will make it...and succeed. My only concern would be is this sustainable long term?

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