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Hi Everyone,

I kept meaning to post and now here it is Wednesday and I haven't posted since Sat or Sunday?

It is a bit quieter week at work this week. My boss made i to China and got the 72 hr visa so he got in and will go to Manila on Friday and then be able to come back into the country with his single entry visa. I'm so glad we were able to make it all happen. And I am happy to have some time to get things caught up and not have to deal with his calendar and just having him there daily where I am "on call" all day long.

I made it to the Y last night and got a 30 min workout in. Tonight I came home and sholved leaves for 45 min. Why am I shoveling leaves? Well, the city never picked them up at the curb and then the snows came and they kept pushing them and the snow close to the curb and now they are there and on the sidewalk. I couldn't get them all cleaned up--some are frozen but I got 2 bags full of them. It is a mess that is for sure!

Ceejay: sounds like you are starting spring cleaning early!

Happy: I have similar knee problems to yours, only in my left knee but that is enough. It can really wear me out sometimes. I hope the physcial therapy will help sounds really interesting.

Thanks for telling us about the Northern Lights. They are something I have always wanted to see.

Shad: thanks for providing the link to your area, I can't wait to check it out.

Laura: I think I'm going to do that push up challenge with you. I might have to do wall push up and knee bent ones, but I'm going to try it.

Michelle: I'm sorry to hear about your ex-sis in law but glad to hear that they caught it in the early stages.

Annie: How is the ankle feeling?

I'm going to say good night and get my kitchen cleaned up and head to bed; I am really tired!
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