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Height: 5' 6"


Streak is 50. (I did post here yesterday but, pouf, it's gone. Strange.)

Michele, sorry about your back. Did it happen after you did two yoga sessions together? (Trying not to say b... to b...)

saef, thanks for chug definition. Here, a chugger is someone who stops you in the street and tries to get you to sign up to supporting a charity through a direct debit on your bank account. (A completely stupid idea, in my view.)

dagmar, I'm enjoying a lot of herbal tea at present. And normal tea, particularly Earl Grey and orange pekoe - I take it very weak with no milk (always have done).


Everyone, I'm enormously tired. I've given up my gymn membership and am doing all my exercises at home. It means I am really able to focus on the muscle and the result is a very good workout and complete exhaustion in the evening.
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