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Kailpea - Your lunch and dinner sound amazing! I think I'm coming to your house for dinner! I'm pretty sure that planking is all done on the elbows, other wise its just a half a push up? lol I have no idea really. Anyway, go for it! Damn its hard though. I should be tracking those better come to think of it! Oh Speaking of tracking!! You should check out the app JEFIT for tracking your weighs and whatnot. Its free I guess I didn't realize just how much I rely on carbs for "fast" food! When I think about making dinner the first sides that pop into my head are usually rice or spuds (fast and easy!) I gotta get back into a better salad routine. Prepping my veggies earlier in the week maybe You almost had me yesterday in steps, we were neck and neck for a while there. I worked until 9:30 and the last part of the night is hauling booze back to the cooler, so lots of walking! Today is gym day, strength and C25K so hopefully I'll break 10,000! Phew I am going to be beat tonight.

I'm extra motivated for getting steps in now with a whole bunch of firbit friends from work. I have to beat them all!! Muh hahahaha!

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