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Morning girls,

Regarding the turkeys, cement chips and gizzards. No I was not pulling your legs... "Some animals that lack teeth will swallow stones or grit to aid in digestion. All birds have gizzards, but not all will swallow stones or grit. The birds that do, employ the following method of mastication: A bird swallows small bits of gravel that act as 'teeth' in the gizzard, breaking down hard food such as seeds and thus helping digestion." The birds walk along and peck, peck, peck. They are pecking for seeds, bugs and tiny rocks. The stones they ingest eventually pass through their digestive system so they have to constantly eat more. I guess to them there is no difference between a piece of gravel and a cement chip. The chipped driveway also holds pockets of melted snow water so they get a drink and help their gizzards at the same time. This is why I am glad we have the internet so I can learn these things.

Yesterday was a beautiful 41 degrees and sunny. I was walking around in a polo shirt and cardigan. It was WONDERFUL. Today is more of the same and tonight they are predicting blizzard conditions as a fierce storm moves up this way after midnight. We might get 9 inches of snow. DH is out chopping snow along the driveway to make room to plow more. I offered to help him but he said it's wet and heavy because it's partially melted and lifting and throwing would not be good for my knee.

The physical therapist was interesting. He's a young guy and we talked about a lot. Said there isn't anything he can do for the arthritis and I am too young to have knee replacement right now. (I was DELIGHTED to be too young for anything at this moment ) He talked about options for that in the interim but they would have to be pursued with an orthopedic guy. He did check me and I have some knots in the muscles along my leg and butt. That we can work on and those are giving me pain in the hips, knee and foot so there are some options for relief. He wants to do something called "dry needling" which is acupuncture-like only in that they insert thin, sterile needles into your skin. The point is to elicit a twitch response which unkinks the knots. Supposed to be very effective since it can get deep into the muscle as opposed to tradition massages or manipulation. Is it painful? That is relative - the needles are thin, it's like a pin prick and some people find the twitch sensation uncomfortable but it only lasts a second or two. I am nervous about him hitting a nerve - that is really painful if you've ever experienced that. I also wonder since I have a good layer of fat on my leg - how deep will he have to go? (pulls out needle the size of a knitting needle ) I am going to give it a try. He wants to see me twice a week for the next 4 weeks. I do feel badly that DH has to do that much driving but as he says - what else does he have to do and besides, up here you have fewer choices and must go farther. DH wondered why I just didn't get my knee replaced if it's that bad but I explained that even the PT said it's not something you rush into as surgery has it's own complications. I also reminded DH of what a horrid patient I was after bunion surgery and did he really want that again? He said he'd put me in the man cave, turn the heater on and bring me meals 3 times a day and I could complain all I wanted to the squirrels and the birds. I am an awful patient - no tolerance for being immobilized.

Lastly as I was watching the evening news last night at the end of the weather segment they mentioned that the Northern Lights were flaring and should be pretty good. So I watched for them out the back window. It's rather hard to see with the screen in the window but just as I was getting ready to turn in, I went outside and there they were. It was going on 3am. DH told me to wake him if I saw them so I did. I'm not sure I would have gotten out of a warm bed to go stand on a frosty deck but I have learned when it comes to nature - often you only have one shot at something and don't let the opportunity pass you by. They weren't as impressive as the pictures you see up closer to the artic circle but you could still make out the bands of light that faded in and out - like pale green fingers reaching from the horizon over the trees up to the heavens. It would have been better looking if we didn't have such a bright, almost full moon out but we stood out there for 20 minutes and watched. The stars were nice and bright also.

Michelle - sorry you are not feeling well today. Hope the headache passes and you have an interesting day with the graphics work.

Laura - Glad you were able to get your coat fixed. I agree - have it done by someone who might be able to make the repair as invisible as possible. I know you are a good seamstress, mine would look like a Frankenstein zipper My sister was talking about how much snow you got the other day (well actually Orland Park got the most of anyone) but it was also sloppy, icy and slippery. good thing you have good boots. Don't care what they say - you need rubber boots for water - leather doesn't hold up that well. It's crazy that one needs 3 kinds of winter boots - one for watery conditions (heavy sealed rubber), one for powder snow (flat bottom) and one with a good heel for digging in on old, rutted snow. How fun to stage your friend so that you could see her on the webcam. Thanks for including the push up challenge. I was thinking about that recently - because of my knee it's awkward getting up from the floor and I have realized how weak my arms have become - I could benefit from the strength improvement of pushups. I will check that out.

As well as your webcam video of the harbor Shad. Thank you for including that also. I can't say enough how much I love the picture of you with the salad bowl your nephew posted. It's just such a happy, happy picture - and a wonderful looking salad too! You are looking wonderful.

Ceejay - I agree that one of the best parts of living up this way is the abundance of wildlife. The bald eagles are returning and yesterday on the drive home we saw one sitting at the side of the road eating his dinner and saw another sitting in a tree waiting for his to crawl by. I will never get tired of that sight. I'm sure it will be hard to train the new guy the right way and then have them disregard you and do their own thing but you have to learn to shrug it off. How are you doing on your bike exercising? Are the spring flowers starting to appear out your way?

Annie - I hope the ankle shot gives you some relief. I can totally relate to wanting to hack off the offending, painful part but there's an old joke in the office about "we hired you with all your parts and expect you to keep them". Starting to notice too how the weather really affects the aches and pains.

Hi Terra and Susie.

I called the Thrift Shop and spoke to the co-ordinator and said if we indeed get blizzard conditions I am not going to attempt to come in. He was good natured about it - said he was cancelling the senior bingo for tomorrow also. That means I will also miss yet another yoga class too and more importantly find out if they are planning on continuing for another session (most likely so). One can't trust the weather reports - often they are more wrong than right and if it's not too bad I will venture out but I am keeping my options open. I also have a book that is due at the library tomorrow - it's a new book so you can't renew the lending period. I can either try and power read it today and pay a late fine if I can't get there tomorrow or just turn it in unread today. I should have paid more attention

Anyway - on with the day. Have a good one everyone.
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