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Morning all. It’s 37 F out there today, and sunny. Sidewalks are awful – icy and hazardous. I wore my rubber “zookeeper” boots today and was glad I did because there were a few spots in which the major puddles from yesterday had not frozen up overnight and I had to wade through because the snow on either side was too deep to walk through to avoid the water. I was wearing my other boots last night and was thoroughly surprised they didn't take on water going through those giant puddles. More melting on the agenda today, so I’m guessing more wading tonight. (Bf picks me up from the train but isn't always right there when I get off the train, so I always start to walk home.)

Happy – I’m so sorry your leg pain is so bad. How did the PT appointment go yesterday?? I think you should get some pills to get you past this!!! Any thoughts on seeking out a whirlpool to soak in? That just sounds like it would feel so good on the aches and pains. Yeh, I won’t let any drilling go on until I’m numb. That one time years ago was enough. Bf’s doc used some kind of new laser thingy to fill one of his teeth a couple months ago. Though his dentist also tried to tell him it wouldn’t be painful, bf still needed numbing. But bf said with this laser thingy there’s no drill sound, just some clicking. Huh. I dropped my coat off at the dry cleaner's shop to be repaired last night. It’ll cost me $15 and I’ll have it back on Friday. It wasn’t a major tear, just within one of the 4”x4” quilted squares. I could have tried to mend it myself, but it probably wouldn’t have looked too good. If I decide to replace that coat with another, I probably won’t be doing it until next fall, and in the meantime, I don’t want to have to live with a very visible, poorly done repair job smack on the back of my coat for all behind me to see. Re the turkeys - what do you mean that they need the stones to make their gizzards work?? Or are you just being snide about them chipping up your resurfaced driveway??

Annie – So glad you’re getting your shot for that ankle today!!! I hope it zaps that pain away and you don’t have to even think about your ankle!!! And that you get a good night’s sleep tonight. The Mr. Deeds movie I saw was the original VERY OLD version, 1936, starring Gary Cooper. Not the Adam Sandler version. Haven’t seen an Adam Sandler movie I liked since Happy Gilmore. Not that I’ve seen many Sandler movies in my life – he just isn’t my cup of tea at all. And I don’t even know how he gets movies made anymore, I hear nothing but how horrible his movies have been as of late. Anyway…I liked the first half of the 1936 version well enough, but the last part was very mediocre. If I’m going to watch another Gary Cooper movie, it’ll be “The Pride of the Yankees” and/or “High Noon” – neither of which I’ve ever seen. In fact, Mr. Deeds was the first Gary Cooper movie I’d ever seen. That guy was one tall drink of water…

Ceejay – Glad you had part of a day that was free of the annoying trainee. His poor kid though – blisters on his tongue???!!! Besides scalding it with hot food, what would cause that???

Shad – Thanks for posting the link to the webcam. Will check it in a couple hours. Still an ungodly hour in NZ as I write this. I think you need to put something very bright and visible out on your balcony so we can spot your apartment in the webcam, LOL. A friend of mine worked at a university in FL that had campus webcams and I once made her go out to one of the webcam spots at an arranged time so I could see her “live” back in Chicago, teehee. Have fun going out tonight. I’ve been feeling antisocial and skipped the movie last night and sent regrets for the usual movie group Oscars party coming up Sunday after next. Just not up for it this year. Kind of looking forward to sitting at home, comfy on my own sofa and watching it by myself or with BF.

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies. Hope you're all off to a good start of your day.

Nothing much to report on my end. Finally took my coat in to get repaired and picked up the rx. Ho hum.

I’ve chosen my next fitness challenge: 30 day easy push up challenge. It starts with 3 pushups on day 1 and ends with 20 pushups on day 30 with the usual rest day every 4th day. Link here:

It says “easy” but doing them in the standard/military style, it will be very difficult for me. I've never been able to do more than one "real" pushup, and never in really good form. I’m sure I will need to do a hefty portion of the challenge using the modified “knee” version. But I will give it a go!

That’s about it for me. Back to work, it won’t do itself!
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