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Dottington How did the concert go?

Rie I agree about getting more people involved. I am really surprised that more people haven't taken up this challenge. then again, I think it requires a tad bit more time commitment than a weekly weighin challenge, so maybe that's why.

Silver I might have to try doing planks and squats on my non exercise days. I'm pretty sure I would have to modify my plank though so I was on my elbows rather than my wrists. My wrists are so week. My husband and I love bread too. . . and its super hard not including a bread product in meals. I am trying to stick to under 100 carbs this week to see if it gets me out of my cycle I am in. It's going to be a low step day for me so I am certain you'll maintain your lead. I'm not going to lie, I though yesterday that I might pass you, but it never happened.

Sweet Success. I have completed my 2nd exercise Goal. Nothing is better than rocking something that you failed the first time around. I spent 40 minutes doing a rotation on all the machines at the gym. I'm pretty sore today, My husband recommended that I make a spread sheet and keep track of what I am doing as far as strength training, so I will probably do that this week. I keep track of everything else, so it makes sense to keep track of that as well.

Planning to have my veggie day today. I actually have been eating vegetarian for breakfast and lunch the past few weeks and then so dinner has been the only thing I have had to worry about. I'm trying to lower my carb intake so that was a little difficult finding things to incorporate into that goal. But for Breakfast I have been having a BlackBean Breakfast Burrito, Lunch has been a Chickpea salad with fennel, mustard seed, lemon, greek yogurt, mint and cilantro over a bed of spinach and dinner today with be a Vegan Chipotle Black-Eyed Pea Soup.
May Fitness Goals:
720 minutes of walking/running (111/720)
240 minutes of strength training (0/240)
120 minutes of yoga or pilates (30/120)
End of May Goal weight: 270

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