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I was a bad girl this Valentine's weekend, and I can't blame it on my partner as he didn't buy me anything fattening - no chocolate or Baileys, because he knows I am on a diet. Instead he bought me some fab Star Trek swag and a lovely watch.

No, my downfall was all my own doing.

We sat and watched a film together on V-day night and I strongly suggested he get the chocs out. I only meant to have a few, but we all know what "I only meant" tends to turn into.

Then, on the day after, I suggested my small daughter and I bake Valentine's heart-shaped shortbread biscuits, complete with yummy pink icing and pink sprinkles. To be fair, I did share them - I only ended up having five of the 18 we made.

But then, I just felt SO nibbly all weekend - I couldn't stop myself from gobbling virtually everything in sight.

Result: On Monday morning I was up 3.8 lb!!!!

I know it's not 3.8 lb of fat - I didn't eat THAT much - but it's still disheartening. So it was back on the wagon.

As of this morning it has gone, but I'm back to 152 so I lost nothing this week, which was disappointing.

Week 1
Weight lost - 3.6 lb
Average daily calories: 1294
Average daily miles: 5

Week 2
Weight lost - 5.2 lb (1.6 this week - cheat week this week, had Christmas bottle of Baileys)
Average daily calories: 1361 (not counting Bailey's)
Average daily miles: 4.84

Week 3
Weight lost - 9.8 lb (4.6 this week)
Average daily calories: 1207
Average daily miles: 5.36

Week 4
Weight lost - 12 lb (2.2 this week)
Average daily calories: 1112
Average daily miles: 5.8

Week 5
Weight lost - 12.6 lb (0.6 this week)
Average daily calories: 1219
Average daily miles: 4.9

Week 6
Weight lost - 16.4 lb (3.8 this week)
Average daily calories: 1224
Average daily miles: 5.1

Week 7
Weight lost - 16.4 lb (0 this week)
Average daily calories: 1338
Average daily miles: 5.42
Overall goal

"Look at these people who run marathons. What makes them different to you?...
They have the same bones and muscles as you, the same sinews and organs...
you can do anything you want to, be anything you want to.
The only thing stopping you is you!

~ Money Can't Buy Me Love, by Julie Reilly
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