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I was a bad girl this Valentine's weekend, and I can't blame it on my partner as he didn't buy me anything fattening - no chocolate or Baileys, because he knows I am on a diet. Instead he bought me some fab Star Trek swag and a lovely watch.

No, my downfall was all my own doing.

We sat and watched a film together on V-day night and I strongly suggested he get the chocs out. I only meant to have a few, but we all know what "I only meant" tends to turn into.

Then, on the day after, I suggested my small daughter and I bake Valentine's heart-shaped shortbread biscuits, complete with yummy pink icing and pink sprinkles. To be fair, I did share them - I only ended up having five of the 18 we made.

But then, I just felt SO nibbly all weekend - I couldn't stop myself from gobbling virtually everything in sight.

Result: On Monday morning I was up 3.8 lb!!!!

I know it's not 3.8 lb of fat - I didn't eat THAT much - but it's still disheartening. So it was back on the wagon.

As of this morning it has gone, but I'm back to 152 so I lost nothing this week, which was disappointing.

Week 1
Weight lost - 3.6 lb
Average daily calories: 1294
Average daily miles: 5

Week 2
Weight lost - 5.2 lb (1.6 this week - cheat week this week, had Christmas bottle of Baileys)
Average daily calories: 1361 (not counting Bailey's)
Average daily miles: 4.84

Week 3
Weight lost - 9.8 lb (4.6 this week)
Average daily calories: 1207
Average daily miles: 5.36

Week 4
Weight lost - 12 lb (2.2 this week)
Average daily calories: 1112
Average daily miles: 5.8

Week 5
Weight lost - 12.6 lb (0.6 this week)
Average daily calories: 1219
Average daily miles: 4.9

Week 6
Weight lost - 16.4 lb (3.8 this week)
Average daily calories: 1224
Average daily miles: 5.1

Week 7
Weight lost - 16.4 lb (0 this week)
Average daily calories: 1338
Average daily miles: 5.42
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