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One of my eating problems in winter is drinking . I really don't like to drink plain water, particularly in winter. DH got 3 flats of water on sale this weekend and I'm putting out 2 bottles (totalling one litre) every morning and making sure I drink them during the day. And I had a glass of low fat milk as a bedtime snack last night, rather than fruit or jellybeans.

I felt much less stressed going to bed and slept for 7 hours straight (the Mudpie yowling alarm woke me about 30 minutes before my clock alarm). Usually I sleep for about 4-5 hours, wake up, and never know whether I can get back to sleep of not. Whenever I am well-hydrated I seem to sleep more.

I keep taking stabs at being well-hydrated but didn't figure out a system, until now. In the warmer months I hope to incorporate another bottle of water into the mix at lunchtime. I find if I chug them I can get a 500ml bottle down in one go.


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