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The quantity of vegetables is no longer limited. I especially would not be worried about extra celery & cukes. ; )
I use a 2% cottage cheese as a protein. Typically a cup is a full serving and half a cup for a snack size serving.
Lite mozzarella sticks should be a protein & a fat; they are kind of tricky because of "lite". You could actually have a "real" mozzarella stick. I don't recall the carbs of the lite ones being more than the regular; are they?
I think you can have tuna and salmon more that twice a week. Even though they can be "fatty" fish, they don't count as fat per se and you can have them for dinner.
Yellow squash -- like summer squash, is really similar to zucchini and I would consider it the same. Yellow squash like acorn squash, I would consider more of a carb item. I don't remember where spaghetti squash falls on the spectrum.
Some of it IS experimentation and without a good framework it will drive us bonkers!
Maybe we can develop a kind of system like that used by the "alternatives" people to differentiate IP compatible packets?
Let me think on that one.
I do use a kind of rule of thumb for vegetarian protein sources, which is anything with 15 net carbs counts as a protein and a carb, so maybe that's a start.
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