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Originally Posted by infoplease View Post
You guys are doing great even if it doesn't feel that way yet!
I'm going to assume you want to follow p4 "by the rules" and also recognize that others on this board have modified the rules to fit their bodies.

Did either of you get a p4 tracking sheet from your coach or were you doing this without a coach? It kind of helps with the planning, even if you don't use it for more than a week or two.

Nearly everyone here as written that they were really a little scared of what to eat during the first few weeks/months, so what you are feeling is really normal.

Can you name one thing that is making you the most anxious? Maybe we can start with that.
Infoplease - first, thanks so much for this, really great info and very helpful. There are 2 things that are making me anxious - quantities and what qualifies as a 'carb' or 'fat.' Is cottage cheese a carb or a fat? Lite mozzarella sticks carb or fat? yellow squash - veg or carb? Do I assume all veg not on the IP list are carb rich? Then, how much can I have? i'm not a strict vegetarian, I eat fish, eggs but no animal meat - no chicken or beef or pork. It's a digestive issue for me, just can't digest them but I'm confident I can get the protein in. So if I normally have 2 cups of veg, I might want celery and cukes with my shake or bar at 4 pm - can I do that if I've had my 2 cups at lunch and want 2 cups at dinner? Can I have salmon or a tuna steak more than once or twice a week? It's that kinda stuff that's driving me bonkers. I DO NOT WANT TO GAIN BACK MY WEIGHT so I want to be as diligent as possible. Thanks again for your help.
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