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Originally Posted by ecdcslim View Post
I know I'm going to struggle with P4 - it's sooo much easier if you have a detaled do and don't eat list but P4 is a bit too free wheeling for me! how do you navigate? I know I shouldn't mix fats a carbs - so does that mean no corn or sybeans on my salad or just no bread? How do you guys figure this out?
Originally Posted by Lulu64 View Post
Ecdcslim, I'm having the same problem, it is so confusing.
I have been on maintenence for about a month and am having the same concerns. I need more structure and lunch and dinner menu's. I just do the veggies and protein for lunch and dinner, but I do the big breakfasts.
You guys are doing great even if it doesn't feel that way yet!
I'm going to assume you want to follow p4 "by the rules" and also recognize that others on this board have modified the rules to fit their bodies.

The "rules" would say no corn on that salad unless you want the lunch meal to be the carb meal, then only a teaspoon of oil on that salad. Soybeans are a little grey area. Since it appears you are not vegetarian, and since it looks like you might want some clean rules, how about "no" on those at lunch/fat meal, too?

If you stick to combinations of single foods or foods that you prepare, it is pretty straightforward. Stick with what you know, which is a P3-type mixed breakfast, protein and vegetables for lunch and dinner. Both of those lists are expanded, but you still want to keep with those food groups as the backbone of those meals.

Next, you can add about 15g of fat at lunch/fat meal so this is one to two servings depending on what you like. Could be a couple of tablespoons of a rich salad dressing, an ounce or two of cheese, nuts, seeds. A visual of this is one to two portions about the size of your thumb.

For dinner, you add about 15 to 30g of carb -- if you want and if you can tolerate another serving of carbs. This can be fruit, rice, potato, starchy vegetables, pasta or bread. You need to severely limit the fat--1 teaspoon, tops. A carb serving is about what fits in your cupped hand.

If you want to start back eating prepared foods, I'm a bit at a loss. I think I would save those for fun day or limit them to one meal during the week.

Did either of you get a p4 tracking sheet from your coach or were you doing this without a coach? It kind of helps with the planning, even if you don't use it for more than a week or two.

Nearly everyone here as written that they were really a little scared of what to eat during the first few weeks/months, so what you are feeling is really normal.

Can you name one thing that is making you the most anxious? Maybe we can start with that.
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