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1. Mini goals and much lower expectations. By that I just mean goals of losing 4 pounds, or whatever, where in the past my goal was to lose a whole 80 pounds.

2. Also, slowly incorporating diet changes rather than going cold turkey on everything at once. For example, the first time I started visiting this site I lost about 15 pounds in a matter of weeks because I started eating plain salads two meals a day and working out for 45-50 mins 5-6 days a week. That was great, although totally unrealistic for me. Of course I didn't stick with it and then gained all the weight plus some back. Which leads to:

3. Keeping in check with reality. I'm not expecting the unexpected out of my efforts, such as expecting to miraculously lose five pounds from one good day, and I'm also not expecting myself to stick to some crazy diet or exercise regime when I know I won't keep with it in a month. I'm only doing things that I know I can keep up with for now, and once I'm past the initial food withdrawals, I'll challenge myself again.

= 10 lbs gone:

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