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Originally Posted by Pattience View Post
Personally i think the snacks that nikolette has listed constitutes about a days calorie intake. They maybe healthy but they are too high in calories to add in between meals. well the almonds, hummus and peanut butter are anyway. These are pretty good foods in themselves but i think you can do much better. Although the hummus and carrots would make a good lunch. Personally i'd eat with bread and be done with it.

Ok, my advice: It would be better if we knew exactly what you were eating but here are some general ideas.

Ditch the treats altogether. Just get away from the idea of treats and rewards. Losing weight should be its own reward. That's what i find. Make your normal food good and yummy.

Don't try to starve yourself. Make each meal of enough calories to get you to the next meal.

Keep your meals close together. e.g. i have breakfast whenever i get up in the morning. if at about 8am, i would have lunch between 12 and 1pm and then dinner around 6pm and be done with it by 7pm. Nothing else to eat after that is ideal.

This is a YMMV kind of thing. While that may be ideal for me, I could never lose weight with that kind of schedule. I do much, much better eating about 5 or 6 times a day, at least a couple of them in the evening. I stay up routinely until after midnight and I couldn't tolerate not eating after 7 pm.

I eat an ounce of nuts almost everyday. Yes, they are high in calories but they are good for you and I like them. So I measure them carefully. I manage my day to have them. I eat pistachios which I have to shell so it takes a long time to eat them and they are very filling.

I also often eat hummus as a snack. I often use baby carrots to eat them with. Again, I measure them out carefully (70 calories for 2 Tb.) and have no problem eating them and staying within my calories.

I don't love peanut butter so rarely eat it. My husband eats it almost every day. He has lost 65 pounds and is within 10 pounds of his goal weight. Again he does keep track of how much he is eating.

I do think fruit is a good snack. I often have half a cup of berries as a snack. But, higher calorie snacks can be eaten sometimes as well. My meals are usually not that high in calorie so I have the calories available to have nuts as a snack, for example. I do think it helps a lot to not have foods in the house that you have trouble with portion control on. For example, I have no problem with measuring out my portion of nuts or hummus and sticking with it. I would have problem with measuring out a serving of cookies, so I just don't have those in the house.

That is what works for me. But, it may not work for you. I think everyone has to figure out what will work best for that person.
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