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I have learnt more with each diet i've taken on in the past 6 years. I've lost weight a number of times over that period, mostly with the help of a lot of exercise. I go on long cycling journeys which makes it really easy.

However this time, exercise is not part of my basic strategy though i do intend to do some for other reasons down the track. I want to win a 10km race.

So this time different things are:

1. don't depend on formal regular exercise. I do do gardening work which is strenuous but its an easily sustainable activity for me.

2. Fasting. I have only done one in two months but when i started out i thought i would use them more often. My intention is that if i find i stall or backtrack (which usually doesn't happen) I will fast for one whole day and drink only water. Its not easy but it can be done. And hopefully i won't have to do them very often. Its just part of my toolkit.

3. Be willing to keep to food diarising for ever. Its seems ridiculous to think i would actually do that but to be hoesnt, i think i have to try. This diet is for life. I will always have to be vigilant.

4. I have given up sweets before and its fine but I also don't want to rule it out forever. But i know i can't be moderate so i have some rules about when i can eat sweets - i.e. in company, but family doesn't count. The idea of company is that it will inhibit my tendency to keep on eating.

5. Oh another trick i learnt but which is not actually part of my diet since i am not eating sweets is to eat sweets at the beginning of the meal because if i leave it to the end, i usually just want to keep on eating more. If i do it at the beginning i go on to the next course and my sweet tooth is taken care of. But that's just a trick i learnt not so long ago. For now its no sweets. I still have to resolve what to do around christmas time.
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