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Smile Glad to be back!

Based on reading previous posts, it looks like many of the "regulars" here have left. mara, justwannaskipnlaugh, walrus and anyone else I may have missed who has broken the 240s and back in the 230s. Unfortunately, I was in the 250s for a short while (about 11 days) and so I felt that I needed to wait until I was in the 240s again before I start posting here.

Well, the long and short of it for me was simply that once I started exercising every day [since January 1st] my appetite increased and I started to go backwards on the scales. I have seen this happen in the past when I resumed exercising so I waited patiently and just recently in the past week it is now going back down where it needs to be going. My metabolism has caught up with my activity and the hunger reflex is no longer an issue anymore. I eat more appropriately for my activity level.

the new faces; olivia and kate. I am sure that you won't be here long. I am really happy for all of you who finally slayed that weight dragon and now are in the 230s. I "might" be there in March. We'll see. Now that I have stabilized things on this end, I do expect to see a more downward trend. I also hope to be posting more regularly for awhile now that I am back in the 240s again.

Glad to be back, Pam

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