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I did this and I'm switching over to it after Oz's rapid weight loss.. there are a lot of mis-conceptions here about this diet..

First of all it works great.. the pounds fall off,
Second, you eat plenty of food, in fact a ton.
It's based on your body type, yes that's true.
You take a small quiz which determines it.

You get rice and potatoes.. all the spices you want, just limit salt, Mrs. Dash has some great seasoning. Use that. I used a teense of salt after the first two weeks. Still kept losing.
You eat fruit for your body type. i.e. different bod types get different fruit.
Oatmeal with fruit in the morning.. one of my favs,
or Egg whites(buy at store in carton works great.) with veggies inside.
You create a killer vegetable broth you can drink anytime and cook with.
Mostly all the different types of veggies out there.
You eat 6 times a day.
You can make a baked apple with rasberry puree on it and use stevia to sweeten it if you get a sweet tooth.

It is very healthy and the more you eat, the more you lose.
The guy knows what he's talking about. I'm not paid to write this.. heck, I don't even know where to get the program anymore. I got mine in 2007.
All I know is that it works and after 6 weeks you modify it to keep the pounds off and you add some foods you've removed.
To me this is way easier than counting calories, but if you want to go that route and exercise like they say, that works too.
I just think eating the correct foods for your type is a smart idea and based on results.. works..
I encourage anyone here to do it and be creative.
Both my brother and I lost over 30 pounds when we first did it.
Alas, after 3 years I put back on a few pounds.. but I know what works and how to take it off fast!!!
Good luck!
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