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Silverfire-Great job with the water intake! Don't be so hard on yourself with the exercise though! You're doing so well and should be very proud, give it time and you will see more progress For the knees-can you ask a trainer at your gym to watch you and make sure you're doing the squats right? Or look at a video on line and watch yourself in a mirror? Hope they feel better!

Rie- We all make mistakes and you have been going through a VERY difficult time. I'm actually amazed at how strong you are dealing with the job stuff and living in another country and only being able to see your bf on the weekends. We all act out when we're scared and feel cornered, so please don't feel too upset and ashamed at yourself. It was very courageous of you to admit what you had done and it truly shows how much your boyfriend loves and adores you that he forgave you. I know I have lots of fleeting thoughts, like you I'd never tell another person, but boys are different and we all have different personalities so I think it was right of you to accept your boyfriends answer that it was just thinking out loud type stuff. I totally understand you taking a break from the challenge, and you've put this challenge together so well I think it really is the type that taking breaks works. Focus on you during this time. Get done what you need to get done and make sure you're taking proper care of yourself. So sorry for all you've been going through, keep us posted! <3

kailpea-keep up the good work! Any yummy ideas for your two veggie days this week?

Concert is tonight! Weight is dumb. Weekend was a bit too free eating wise. Had an amazing valentines day. Bf brought me a beautiful bouquet of red roses, a very pretty card with a love note, and then took me out to BJ's where I had this amazing berry cider. I had wine earlier too, so it was like my once a month drink night Just was really hungry all weekend and tried to make good choices, but things didn't go entirely as planned. Was a wonderful weekend though! I'm not expecting a loss this friday because of my weekend, but its ok. This was my first Valentines with my bf and I really only eat like this a few times a year.

For exercise I'm going to need to change my goal to hiking 2x/wk instead of running because of knee issues coming up. But I have been exercising more in general so that's good
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