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Rie *hugs* Dont's worry! We have have all had moments of complete crazy a time or two. . . I know I have! =) I find that when I am overly stressed out about things that's when I am at my moodiest and craziest. I am glad things worked out between you and your BF. I had a similar situation with my husband back when we were still dating, when I accidentally stumbled across something on his phone that was less than pleasant for me to see and I just kept going further and further until I was so angry I was just ready to call it quits! My husband also gets annoyed when I am feeling insecure about my body, and I think that's a pretty typical honestly. I don't think most men have experienced that to the degree that most women have and so they don't understand it. On the flip side, I am a little bit like your BF. . .super independent and solitary. I like having my own space and privacy, and somethings that can really upset my husband because he feels like I don't want or need him around. It's of course not the case, but as much as I value my relationship with him and being with him, I also need to be alone (perhaps more than most people). Honestly, my alone time is what keeps me sane. So I can understand when all of a sudden he was thrust with the idea that you might have to move in, and having some reservations about it initially. I hope your move goes well. I'm sorry you have to put your challenge on hold. Maybe try to at least get your 8 glasses of water in during the move. Stay hydrated. Best of luck with everything! =)

Looking forward to moving on in the challenge. I actually wanted to go to the gym this weekend but I didn't because I didn't want to wear myself out and then not be able to complete my challenges for this week. I know that sounds odd, but I opted for going on two easy walks outside instead just to keep myself moving.

So this week in exercise: I am still focusing on getting one strength session from challenge 2 along with 2 cardio sessions at the gym for challenge 1.

In nutrition I am moving on to challenge 3 which is upping my Vegetarian days to 2 days instead of 1 day from the the previous challenge. Also going to try to get my 8 glasses of water in.
May Fitness Goals:
720 minutes of walking/running (111/720)
240 minutes of strength training (0/240)
120 minutes of yoga or pilates (30/120)
End of May Goal weight: 270

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