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I am trying to be fruitarian. I was able to do it for a week in January and I felt sooooooo good. I stopped doing it about 2 weeks ago because I came into money and I'm too stupid to find a way to celebrate that doesn't center around food. Also, my boyfriend got me food as part of my valentine's gift. I knew he was going to do that because he's not too bright either. Fortunately, I ate it all so... that's one problem solved.

I'm going to try again today. I'm having a cup of coffee this morning with a little cream (yes, I know). I'm not an ethical vegan (yet) so I'm okay with this. My plan is to keep cutting the coffee down a little every day so in a week's time I'll be off it completely.

I'm waiting for my son to wake up so I can make a smoothie without the blender waking him up.

Good luck to both of us!
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