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OhThePlaces-I've seen some people have great success on the 5-2 diet I know it wouldn't work for me personally, but I wish you the best of luck! Keep us posted on how it goes

Lulubelle-Awesome Knew it was just some water weight Do you like low carb? What's your carb target each day?

Tomorrow's the concert! Going to wake up early-ish to go on a quick run(good to get the adrenaline out!) then do beauty stuff(bath, mask, nails ect) then hair and makeup. Then to dress rehearsal then come home, eat a smallish healthy protein rich dinner, then put on the dress, touch up make up, and head to the green room to wait for my turn! I love getting this stuff all planned out so I know exactly what I'm doing at any given time.

I had a wonderful Valentine's Day. First went out to Palm Springs to visit my mom and I got dressed up for fun because hey, why not? (including a pic) We went out to lunch at this amazing health type place with tons of vegan and gluten free options. We both got the gluten free blueberry pancakes and vegan date shakes. Yum! And then we went to Target bc I was determined to find some jeans. The only pair of blue jeans I have are a size 11 And yeah, I've finally accepted that I can't wear them anymore haha So I checked out the clearance and found a pair of size 4s. I was like "Yeah probably won't fit at all but will be interesting to see how far away from that I am", then a pair of 7s which again I was pretty sure wouldn't fit at all. Then a size 6 and size 8 that weren't on sale. I was pretty sure I'd end up with the 8s since I always seem to be bigger in jeans(stupid butt). Also grabbed a medium shirt, 2 junior small dresses, a women's small dress, and a women's small jumpsuit. The two junior dresses fit really well, but I didn't like one of them. The women's though were shockingly too big. Like ridiculous! I was so sad bc the jumpsuit was so cute, but just comical looking on And the medium shirt….yeah it came down to my knees! I know it was supposed to be longer and loose for the style but not to the point where it comes past your knees!
For the pants I was pleasantly surprised that the 6s fit, but they were cut kind of funny and looked a little like mom jeans. So then for a laugh I tried on the 4s and….THEY FIT! ASLKJA;SLDFJ!!!! Haha I couldn't believe it! Its so awesome to go shopping and have almost everything be too big and be able to fit into smaller sizes then you think you are! It was awesome
My bf came later in the evening and brought me a beautiful bouquet of red roses and a super pretty card he wrote a romantic note in. Then he took me out to BJs which was awesome. I tried this amazing berry cider that was so good. Also had some wine and yeah calories were wayyy over but it was a special occasion so I'm not sweating it. Yesterday calories were a bit high too, but it was a weird day, I did extra exercise, and they still were only at maintenance anyways. But today I'm up 3lbs. Water intake hasn't been good. So I'm back to normal today, had my smoothie, downing the water, and going on a hike

How was everyone else's Valentines day? Are you guys having a good weekend? Anyone struggling a little like me because of the holiday?
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