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Thank you dak1lls!

And good job Stacy on avoiding those brownies! I know it can be so tough.

I just got back from my first trip to Mexico that was for work, but was at an all inclusive resort. I did really well! Ate breakfast in my room each morning (mango smoothie) then meetings until lunch (IP pina colada drink) and thank goodness the food was good and buffets were full of fresh veggies and protein. Then dinner was more lettuce, oil, veggies and protein. And snack every night was the ready made chocolate pudding. I had one vodka soda with mint leaves one night ( pressured by upper management and my coach had told me I could, but I was still not planning to). And voila, home again. I wasn't able to weigh or measure and I know for certain I had more than usual oil and likely protein as well, but I didn't really sweat it. I was a little nervous to step on the scale, as I am a daily weigher, and had no idea where i would be after 5 days off the scale.
The results are in: and I have plenty to be proud of! Will have my official weigh-in tomorrow so will wait til then to post the results. But guys, I feel GREAT! I feel so much thinner, my face is looking so much better. I even converted some work people (I was thinner last year and don't see them often, but I almost look the same weight as I was then). Told them I had gained 20+ lbs last year and lost 15 in 30 days and they were shocked. One was telling the others about it, saying she was going to get on it back home and said "I'm going to be skinny like her!" It was nice to hear. My bikini top even fit which I was shocked to see! I didn't feel comfortable in it, but I was happy I could get it on at least!
And one more NSV- I have sluggish days on this diet and wondered how I would feel at a long sales meeting with early mornings and a lot of information. I was bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, high-energy and completely focused- EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. And not a drop of caffeine. Everyone else was dragging and tired and complained of several ailments. That would normally be me too, and I just couldnt believe how great I felt.

That being said- I REALLY miss eating like a regular person, I definitely miss having a drink, and really been missing brunch. I dreamt about donuts and cupcakes last night. Hahaha!

Okay, I'm all done!
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