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Good morning all,

I had done a big giant post of personals and was multi-tasking (which I shouldn't do). The network has been slow lately and I went to close a browser window and impatiently clicked too many times and lost my post. Can only blame myself. Didn't have time to re-do it.

Went to the doctor on Friday. They x-rayed my knee. 2 spots of severe arthritis She is recommending a better physical therapist in a town 30 minutes drive from here. The one in town who was good left to start her own practice and I was less than satisfied with the guy I was seeing. So we'll give that a try and if it keeps flaring up, I'll get another steroid shot. Our weather is warming up a bit - to the 30's even (just in time to mess up the ski race next weekend). And just that bit of warm up changes something in the atmosphere that really brings on the aches and pains. I am in a world of hurt today. We got more new snow yesterday so I have to go and help DH who's been doing most of it himself. The crabfest on Friday was very good - huge king crab legs, delicious shrimp scampi and a cheesy crab bisque as well as some batter fried cod rounded out the seafood selections. They also had an excellent roast pork with apples, baked chicken with bbq sauce and some other stuff I can't remember but it was all quite good - their new chef makes good stuff! I was a bit disappointed that they had limited side dishes and salads - cole slaw, potato salad and lots of delicious fresh fruit but we enjoyed ourselves and stuck to one dish each. We didn't bring any extra money with us so did not go to the casino which was a first Yesterday I caught up with a bunch of recorded tv shows. I have recorded the Olympics and have yet to watch them but it's nice that I can breeze right past that which I'm not interested in and just get to the good stuff without having to devote 20 hours to it.

Grocery shopping today after snow shoveling. I am running low on fresh stuff and the Mongolian hoardes will be arriving in town soon for the race and it will just be horrid maneuvering around town. I'm not sure how I am going to get to yoga and my 2 shifts at the shop later this week as yoga is right near the start of the race and they are doing the opening ceremonies just about the time I get out of there. The race ends in town right on Main street where we are so they will be blocking the roads off starting Wednesday which means I will have to walk over at some point. One of the thrift volunteers is trying to solicit us to help out bussing tables for a church fundraiser spaghetti dinner on Friday but I will have to see how my leg is holding up. They serve about 700 people in 4 hours so it's a pretty good turn out and helps out the church too.

Blah blah blah. Ok I'm done.

Shad - sounds like you had the most wonderful weekend. So nice that the weather cooperated and you were able to mill about and see the sights and stretch the legs out. I take it that your refrigerator is filled with delicious foods for the upcoming week. I hear you on the training - it was amazing to me what little importance they placed on the most important tasks.

Susie - yikes on hitting your deductibles already but at least that's out of the way. I have wood floors too and like you, noticed that they seem to need an awful lot more cleaning with the salt and snow - they are slippery with snowy boots too. Glad you enjoyed your books. I guess you got your exercise in with snow shoveling!

Ceejay - yay for tax refunds! Yes you overpaid but it's still nice getting those refund checks I think. Did your guest finally leave?

Michelle - what a lovely video you made I'm sure it was labor intensive but when I saw who it was, I knew it was your very good friend so I can see why you did it. I can't imagine how the wife would not be moved to tears with it. What a great gift!!! Thanks for including the info on the software - I might check that out too. Sounds like you had a busy weekend with friends - hope you had some fun. As to your question - yes, a cold rinse after washing your hair will close the hair shaft and help preserve the color. Make it as cold as you can stand it. I generally put the shower nozzle as close to the wall as possible, bend far forward and just get my head in the water, then I jump back, turn on the warm water again and warm myself up - it surely WAKES you up One of the things I like about the red tones is hair is that it not only puts some color in one's face but it also fades out nicely - just wish it didn't fade as much as it does. Thank you for the Mel graphics - I do miss them...

Annie - poor lady with all those braces! But they do make one feel better except for the restrictive carpal tunnel one. I hope your tax session didn't go too badly. Hey, get all the lumps and bumps done with now so you'll be raring to go when garden season is just around the corner

Laura - I have really enjoyed your pictures and narrative about your vacation. I guess monkeys are curious and mischievous. My ex-boss loved to go to Costa Rica. She has a little Elvis doll - think Barbie sized - that she takes with her. He is the focal point of many beautiful scenery pictures she has taken. One day she was setting up a shot and one of the monkeys grabbed Elvis and ran off with him. I think another local was able to rescue him but she said it was both funny and a potential disaster at the same time. Are you back used to your land legs and the cold again? Enjoy your 3 day weekend.

Hi Terra

Ok, time for me to get something constructive done. Later ladies...
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