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Arrow I'm MsBootcamp and I LOVE fitness & sports! You?

Hi, all! I'm MsBootcamp. U.S. east coast. Love fitness. We don't (and can't) always DO what we love, eh? But at this stage in life, I'm INSISTING a lot more - with myself, and with others!

Anyone else active on SparkPeople, and use FitBit? I have the same name.

Mostly, I work out at home, though I love competitions, and being outdoors.

Daily workout staples: My mini-trampoline. Kettlebells. Resistance bands. Dumbbells. Rebound boots. Rollerblades.

Love my Ellen Croft Supreme Pilates, regular Pilates machine classes, and yoga, too. And suspension training - RIP60 and TRX.

Fave fitness DVDs: Hip Hop Abs, Focus T25, P90X (original), Kbell workouts, and yoga.

This time of year I love ice skating and skiing, yet never get there as much as I'd like! My husband doesn't ski or skate, but he will go (and stay in a lodge and read, etc.) to keep me company. So far, I still haven't any active women friends to go with me, or for me to go with.

One of my favourite films (comedy!): "JACKIE'S BACK! Portrait of a Diva," starring Jenifer Lewis, Tim Curry, and an all-star, cameo cast.

I'm about 5'7" and want to get back to 130-145 lbs and stay there. Not too worried about how long it takes. I'd rather do this steadily than be in a hurry. By my class reunion in the fall, I'll be back in pretty good shape.

I'm vegetarian and enjoy eating healthy. I do tend to snack and "graze." Two of my downfalls are my favourite trail mix and frozen yogurt.

Thank heaven, my husband's a pretty good influence on my eating. He's a good size. Slender. I think he has a pretty high metabolism since he, too, likes to snack, but also likes walking doggie two, even three, times a day. (Pretty much his only exercise, other than regular walking around.)

Working out and doing sports DO work for me! Sitting while worrying and eating do not. It's that simple.

So, I love women's rec sports and fitness. Also, riding horses and playing recreational polo - not 'killer polo.' I'd like to certify as a fitness and lifestyle coach. If you or your group are looking for someone, I'm a darned good public speaker!

Look forward to my 3rd MORE Magazine/Fitness Mag Women's Half-Marathon, Sunday, April 13, 2014, three times around Central Park, NYC; and, in June, the annual Skate of the Union in Washington, DC! Guess I'll scale back my distance goal from the 10K to the 5K!

Cheers, everyone! Good luck and thanks for reading!

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