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Hi. I'm taking a break from balancing the checkbook and paying bills. The bills from DH and my January health issues are hitting. We have met our deductibles. I am now happy that I worked all those long hours and can just pay the bills and not have to set up a payment plan.

We received 5 inches of new snow yesterday. The commute home from work was 2 hrs. But we made it before dark so I was ok with it.

Busy day today. We slept until 7:30 a.m. and then DH shelved snow for an hour while I cleaned up the kitchen and did a load of laundry and straightened up the house a bit. DH had a friend who was coming into town for a dentist appointment and so after his friend was finished with that we all went to breakfast and then DH and I went and got groceries so when we got done we could be in for the day. We took a nap, then cleaned the rest of the house. We have wood floors and all this snow and going in and out means a lot of mopping for me.

We fixed tacos for dinner and now I'm working on the checkbook and bills and he is watching the slam dunk contest on tv.

I finished the Fern Michaels book I was reading. It was a romance novel but it did have a bit of mystery to it and it was a fun quick read. Now, I'm reading the new Nicholas Sparks book. I just read the first chapter and will most likely read a little when I get into bed later.

Terra: You are doing great getting your walks in. How long/far do you go on each walk?

Ceejay: YEAH for the refunds!! We get our taxes done next Saturday. I'm hoping for a refund.

Annie: Sorry about all the braces you are dealing with now. I hope that it helps the carpal tunnel...I have heard that can be really painful.

Michelle: Great job on those accomplishments. You have been really working hard on that video and it sounds like you had a lot of irons in the good for you!

Laura: I hope you are enjoying your 3 day weekend...I know I am! I loved the picture of the monkey with the hand sanitizer bottle. He looked so cute.
Your trip sounds like a wonderful time and I'm glad you shared it with us.

Happy: How did the doctor appointment go?

Ok..back to getting this checkbook balanced and bills paid.
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