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love to be a lower weight
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Hi kimmieval, I did really well in 2010 also but now back to trying to get to my low which wasn't as great as yours to would love to get into the 130's. I only got down to 165. I'm trying to get back there now and of course under . I count calories on MFP but my main focus is low carb. If I can keep the carbs out of my mouth I do fine, but I worry because often times the protein makes me full and my calories are too low. I'm a daily weigher and I have now been going between 168-170 for all of February. I'm a little lost as to what to do to get the scale to continue to move. I wish you much success. Do you still have your plan from 2010? Are you gonna follow that? Do share if you don't mind. I could sure use the help

Weigh in today 169.6 up .6 from yesterday after eating 247 carbs last evening, smh.

... don't think about tomorrow, focus on TODAY and do the best you can//I'm not where I want to be, but I'm sure not where I used to be!//Don't let a bad meal turn into a bad day, a bad day turn into a bad week, a bad week push you to give up, Just pick up from there and get back on track

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