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22 pounds lost is fantastic! You've made significant changes to your diet all around, along with an energetic exercise program and it's nice to see that you are benefiting from your efforts

I buy coconut oil from Amazon, too. I love the way it smells and it does wonderful things for my dry winter skin. I use it instead of lotion

A lot of people don't trust Mercola's view on coconut oil because he owns a lot of stock in the coconut oil industry. He's financially vested in promoting it.

Dr. Weil published an article on coconut oil just yesterday. He says the evidence isn't quite there yet and the jury is still out.

I have this video bookmarked because it's so interesting. It's just about 3 minutes long. Dr. Michael Gregor took a closer look at the studies on the effects of coconut oil and it wasn't nearly as positive as Mercola would have us believe. Dr. Gregor is biased towards plant foods, so for him to say a plant based food product isn't necessarily a good thing was pretty astounding. The video is here..
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