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Originally Posted by Mca9a View Post
I started IP 7 days ago. My weigh in was yesterday and I lost 7lb of fat, absolutely no lean body mass! I am doing ok but I am hungry a lot.
Add salads to lunch & dinner, that helps with hunger because it adds bulk.
Also, I had to learn the difference between true hunger and "wanting to eat". We're so conditioned to eating whenever we want.

We've been LIED TO! We've been lied to about eating lots of carbs and cutting fats. Fat doesn't make us fat, carbs do! We've been lied to about grazing all day. It makes us fat too.

So we have to relearn new behaviors, which are really the behaviors we should have had all along. And we have to relearn how to look at food.

Congrats on your WI. Know those bioimpedence scales are highly inaccurate at measuring fat, lean mass, etc. For example, everything except fat is lean mass (bone, connective tissue, internal organs, blood, muscle, skin, etc). So the scale showed its first inaccuracy. It is IMPOSSIBLE to lose fat without water. And since water is part of lean mass...the scale is inaccurate. CWIM?

This is in NO WAY to diminish carrying around 7 fewer lbs. That is FANTASIC!
Losing weight is hard. Maintenance is hard. Being fat is hard. Pick your hard. (-Ishbel)
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