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1.If this is the result you get when you have a cheat day, i don't think its working for you.
2. The way you are thinking about what you've done is the problem, not what you did. Thinking like this about one planned meal is really irrational.

Try to stand back and get some perspective. You know how many calories it is. If you let your worries go, and just go back to the program and stop thinking about/feeling guilty/worrying about the past, you will move back to the right mental zone much faster.

I think the cheat day idea is not working for you though.

Are you really craving those things all the time or are you just winding yourself up with planning to go out and eat non-diet foods. I think its a program for self-sabotage.

If i were to do something similar in my diet, i know it would be a disaster. I would choose things like chocolate and ice-cream and lollies and it would make me want to eat more and more all over again. So i don't do it.

I think the concept of cheat days is a bad one.

Do you think most smokers can afford to have one day a month of smoking an not see ramifications. Well i know i couldn't.

If the food you are eating on your diet is not satisfying you, then adjust your daily food so that its yummier but still healthy and not high in calories.

Don't give yourself a hard time. You haven't done anything wrong. Just adopt more pleasant strategies.
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