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I'd hoped to lose 6 pounds in the first challenge and ended up losing 7.5, getting me well under my pre-pregnancy weight! I'd like to keep going with an average loss of one pound per week, and would absolutely love to reach 209 by March 5th. Both the number and the date are very symbolic for me; I've never ever been under 210, and March 5th will be the second anniversary of my health reboot. If I reach that goal, it will mark a 58 pound loss since that reboot (not bad given that I spent most of last year pregnant); if I make my April Fools goal, it will mark a total loss of 155 pounds!

I've adjusted all dates to correspond with my Wednesday night weigh-ins.

Starting Weight 02/12/2014: 212.5

2/19/2014 goal: 211
Actual weight: 211
notes: Wow, right on the dot, there's hope for me yet! Let's see how well I can do this week!

2/26/2014 goal: 210
Actual weight: 208.5
notes: I can't believe I finally broke under 210! This is seriously the lowest I've been since junior high!!! Now I just have to make sure I at least maintain this loss through next week, lol.

3/05/2014 goal: 209
Actual weight: 210.5
notes: I started intermittent running this week in order to prep for tonight's first C25K session, so I'm hoping that explains the jump (that and the burger I had the night before!). I'm not overly concerned though, as I'm trusting in myself and the process.

3/12/2014 goal: 208
Actual weight: 208
notes: I'll take it! I love hitting the one-pound-per-week average and especially being in uncharted territory again. If I keep this up I'll reach 200 in May!

3/19/2014 goal: 207
Actual weight: 208.5
notes: Well, shoot. Hoping it's from the extra running.

3/26/2014 goal: 206
Actual weight: 206.5
notes: Only half a pound over. I can totally live with that! I'm really happy with my exercising right now, currently in week 2 of C25K.

4/02/2014 goal: 205
Actual weight: 207
notes: Le sigh. I've noticed a zig-zag pattern lately. I'm still down by four pounds so that's a bonus! I'm wondering if I should alter the goals of my next challenge . . . I'll see how I'm doing next week. At least being only two pounds off isn't that bad?

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Previous challenge:

★ 2014 is my year! Challenge 1/8: New Years Day to Valentine's Day ★

01/01/2014 Starting Weight: 220
02/12/2014 Goal: 214
Actual Weight Reached: 212.5

Challenge: SURPASSED!!!

★ Goal for 2017: Get down to 220 ★
★ Ultimate Goal: 150 ★

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