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Originally Posted by stephascope View Post
Well it happened. The whoosh fairy visited me this week and took away 4 lbs and gave me a dramatic drop in body fat % that took me from the orange to the yellow - if any of you are familiar with IP's BCA protocol. My coach predicted this before the reading and jumped up and clapped her hands. We had a hug and a little cry. Seemed like my body fat % was doomed to be too high forever. My coach was so excited that she was prepared to get me on Phase 2 but I was like, whoa slow down, I'm not even in the acceptable BMI range yet! She said it was up to me what I'd like to do but now that my body fat is in an acceptable range we can phase off any time. I'd like to continue on with Phase 1 until the goal we set but we'll see how it goes. If I start to stall really bad I may phase off a little early. Very exciting stuff today! Thanks for being here for me to share with you all
Steph, Awesome news!! Congrats! It sounds like you are pretty close, very encouraging for me to see your success!
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