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Happy V-day y'all!!

I'm struggling with planks and squats. The squats REALLY hurt my knees. I'm pretty sure I am doing them wrong though... I have managed to get up to 25 seconds of plank and have been stuck there! I really don't want to give up on this part of the challenge, but I'm have a hard time moving forward with it and its starting to get me down! I have been looking into alternative ways to do squats and how to perfect my form to hopefully relive some of this pain.

No issues on the water intake though Not making it to the gym 3 times this week, with my dad in town Wednesday, I had to move gym to yesterday and I work job #2 tonight and Saturday (I refuse to gym on Sunday ) But Job #2 is generally a h3ll of a workout so I am not tooo worried about that. I'm repeating W3 of C25K next week as I couldn't make it through the last 3 minute spurt of jogging

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