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Originally Posted by JamSwissT View Post
My nutritionist told me I can't have any limes!! That would make drinking more water so much easier!! I am just NOT a water drinker at all (I'm working on it).

It's not too bad because I work Mon - Sat so I usually try and make myself busy, but sometimes I find myself staring off into space thinking about food (which I never did on any other diet before). The shakes are a no go for me because I like to eat and I'm not afraid to say it!

From the veggie list I can get - Asparagus (canned as the fresh ones are about US$10 for a bunch), Broccolli (expensive), Cauliflower (which I love), Cabbage - It says no green cabbage on my paper but I can only get green and purple here, Cucumbers, Dill Pickles (canned/bottled), Green Onions, Bell Peppers, Kale (only sometimes), Mushrooms (but way too expensive), Okra, Onions, Hot Peppers, Spinach (sometimes) and that's about it.

Dinner is fine really - As for lunch my boyfriend and I try to have lunch together everyday and there is only one place I can get a nice salad so I can have lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes (sometimes), jalapenos and then either smoked salmon, grilled salmon, smoked marlin or turkey on it.

I love coffee but I usually have a lots of milk.. I'm learning to like it without it.. I have a lot of peppermint tea (does that count towards my 64oz?)

Pretty sure green cabbage is a go. I've been eating it and it's fine. Could you and your BF pack lunches and meet somewhere? I think you making your own salad would help you because you can control it. I love making a big salad and putting peppers, cukes, pickled okra, and occasional tomatoes. Sometimes I use my oil allotment as my dressing but usually WF. Can you order WF? That may help you out. THey make travel packets that I keep in my purse. I split my protein sometimes and have a boiled egg (or 2) on my salad. Really keeps me full. Do you have access to liquid crystal light or Mio? I put a little of that in my water and it helps.
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