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Went to the doc this morning. Not only do I have a ganglion cyst but also carpel tunnel in that wrist. Cyst is too close to the artery to aspirate it so instead he put me in a brace to see if that helps with the carpel tunnel. Sheesh. Brace on right ankle and left wrist. Maybe just go with a body cast and get it over with.

LAURA....thank you for the recap on your vacation and the pictures. Very Nice!

CHELLE....I agree valentine's day is for everyone.

SUSIE...down a quarter of a lb. That is equal to one stick of budda! Good job.

CEEG...buying a bed opens the doors to company...yikes

HAPPY...yes, DS got things in order, finally, took him two days. Kiwanas was great. I joined this time when we went.

TERRA..great job on walking. Your doggie is cute.

SHADDIE...sounds like a working weekend for you rather than a fun weekend.

Got to get busy, didn't get in work till noon and have to leave early to get taxes done. Wish us luck, this is the first year married and Cs business. Bleh.

Hugs and Happy V Day.


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