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Originally Posted by JLUS View Post
Having limited items available can be a challenge but I am confident all our IPers here can come up with some good ideas for you.

In the first week or two you can have an extra non-restricted packet to get through the hungries. Also try an egg white or two scrambled with some of your veggies as a snack. Lots of people split their protein between lunch and dinner so instead of "extra" protein (salmon on your salad) just have a couple ounces then less at dinner. (Remember salmon is restricted to one 8 oz servings per week). I bet you can get some other amazing whitefish where you are! Chicken or steak is also a great salad topper.

Many people eat dill pickles as an afternoon snack and it really helps with hunger. Also lettuce is unlimited (iceberg, romaine, Boston, Bibb). I am surprised it is hard to get lemons there - do any stores sell the bottled lemon juice! How about limes? That with EVOO and spices makes a great salad dressing that most people like better than WF anyway!

Hot drinks also help with hunger... Flavored decaf teas, decaf coffee and even beef or chicken bullion/broth that is 0/0/0 (0 fat, 0 carbs, 0 sugars).

Drink LOTS of water which also helps with hunger.

What veggies do you have available from the P1 sheet list?

Hope this helps keep you on track. Hang tough!!
My nutritionist told me I can't have any limes!! That would make drinking more water so much easier!! I am just NOT a water drinker at all (I'm working on it).

It's not too bad because I work Mon - Sat so I usually try and make myself busy, but sometimes I find myself staring off into space thinking about food (which I never did on any other diet before). The shakes are a no go for me because I like to eat and I'm not afraid to say it!

From the veggie list I can get - Asparagus (canned as the fresh ones are about US$10 for a bunch), Broccolli (expensive), Cauliflower (which I love), Cabbage - It says no green cabbage on my paper but I can only get green and purple here, Cucumbers, Dill Pickles (canned/bottled), Green Onions, Bell Peppers, Kale (only sometimes), Mushrooms (but way too expensive), Okra, Onions, Hot Peppers, Spinach (sometimes) and that's about it.

Dinner is fine really - As for lunch my boyfriend and I try to have lunch together everyday and there is only one place I can get a nice salad so I can have lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes (sometimes), jalapenos and then either smoked salmon, grilled salmon, smoked marlin or turkey on it.

I love coffee but I usually have a lots of milk.. I'm learning to like it without it.. I have a lot of peppermint tea (does that count towards my 64oz?)
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