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Morning all. Happy Friday/Saturday. Happy Valentine's Day everyone! And it's payday for me, whoo!

Happy - We booked all of our tours through the ship, so we felt pretty safe with that. My understanding is that they also wait for you if something happens that would make you late getting back to the ship. Hope the new volunteer works out. It appears she knows it all, but what's with her wanting to duck out early? How did the housefly fare with Nina on the hunt??

Ceejay - A few hours of our cruise was sailing down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico. We didn't watch much, but then again it was a foggy afternoon, and my understanding much of that has commercial operations on the banks. Wonder how scenic the parts north of New Orleans are? I know up in the Duluth area are noted for eagle watching. How fun to see the HS pics!! I have some from ours - we chose Orlando, FL. My HS friends and I talk about it occasionally, but I haven't pulled out the photo album in a while. I might have to do that when we meet to look at our cruise photos.

Shad - I hope you enjoy your exercise in the hilly area today, especially the botanic gardens. I so enjoyed all the lush green foliage I saw on our shore excursions. I hope the weather cooperates for your Sunday and that you get to the zoo! Re smaller cruise ships - I think there's one very small line that has very small vessels that are sailboats. That sounds interesting to me, but I wonder if it just might be too few people. I'd enjoy one of those European river cruises - fewer people and I think the rivers are narrow and you really get to see the areas/towns you sail through. Wonder if the NOLA band guy I saw was really the same band guy you saw in the video...NOLA's not really a big city, it just might have been.

Terra - Hope you got all your walks in yesterday. What kind of dog do you have? Our lab mix was adopted as a pup from a rescue organization. He turns 11 years old tomorrow.

Hellos the rest of the Worldlies. Hope all is well.

Yesterday after work I had a hair appointment - touch up and cut. I had about an inch taken off - it felt like my hair was too long, especially with it having gone flat due to the dryness and the wearing of hoods and hats all winter. Of course down in the heat and humidity of the Yucatan peninsula, it went crazy and was wavy and frizzy and Bozo-like, but I didn't mind it at all after having hat/hood hair all winter.

After that, bf and I went to Noodles & co for a quick dinner - he'd gotten a 2 for 1 deal. Finally, we picked up some kibble for doggy, as well as some steaks. Doggy gets a steak (yes, cooked) every year on his birthday. I also make him some peanut butter biscuits.

That was about it for yesterday, except to report that eating was atrocious again. I will be paying for it at the scale on Tuesday if I don't get back on track.

Back to my cruise - Day 4, Wed. was Belize. When my friend B told us she'd heard that this area had the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world, we decided to do the snorkeling excursion, which also included a beach break afterwards. We all left the ship early to check out the shops, and then B & I boarded the catamaran for our snorkel trip. It was a short trip to the snorkel area. Neither of us has snorkeled in a while, so we were a bit nervous, espec. B since she'd never done it off a boat, just a beach. Something new for me was the required wearing of an inflatable vest. Before you were allowed off the boat, it had to be inflated a bit. Once you were in the water, you could deflate it if you wanted. Between your own buoyancy in the salt water and the use of swim fins, I don't think you really need that vest, but I'm sure others don't feel the same...Anyway, the snorkeling was fabulous - we saw a LOT of fish, a lot of variety, including some jellyfish. We were both so glad we did that.

The beach break afterwards was a short (1 hour) stop on a tiny little island that had little more than thatched roof structures for bathrooms, a bar, etc. It was a lovely, quiet spot, and the break was just long enough to enjoy a cold beer and chat with three Canadian gals who we met on the catamaran. It was a nice way to finish the excursion.

That night was another comedian, again, very funny.

Day 5 of the cruise was Roatan, Honduras. The excursion was to a wildife preserve/sanctuary. It was pretty, and we got to see iguanas, parrots, monkeys, other creatures and some lovely foliage. I had a very nice chat with the woman who founded it - it takes a very special person to do what she's done. After we got back to the dock area, we sought out a ship-"guaranteed shop" - too bad it was in a rather slummy area. We were not amused, but we made it there and back safely. The guest services person I spoke to afterwards wasn't receptive to my thoughts - they guarantee the shop, not the area it's located in. Whatever.

That evening the show was called le cirque bijou and it featured a lot of acrobatic/gymnastic moves on ropes, rings, curtains (LOL) as well as a couple who did amazing lifts - we all wondered what would happen in rough seas, LOL. Very talented cast, I don't care what someone like Simon Cowell (formerly an American Idol judge) would say about them.

Attaching photos.
1. Belize beach break
2. Roatan - iguana
3. Roatan - pretty foliage
4. Roatan - the suspension bridge (the alternate route was called something like "Chicken Way", haha)
5. Roatan - parrots
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