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Originally Posted by JamSwissT View Post

I'm Tobi and this is day 6 of IP for me. I live in Jamaica (the island).
I have been on the weight roller coaster for most of my life.. topping off at 250 and lowest 161 (I'm 5'10).. I had maintained 168-174 for a long time and last year everything went awry, my trainer left and I got a new boyfriend. When I went to the nutritionist I was 189. As of this morning I was 180 so I guess IP works (low carb tends to work for me anyway).

Here are my problems: I am living in Jamaica so I am very limited on what I can get and can only wait till I go to the US to get some things.. No WF here, no lemons, limited vegetable options. So I do 'cheat' I have a little bit of salmon on my salad at lunch time. Not beating my self up about it. I don't drink enough water (working on that too).
I got a months supply of IP stuff.. I HATE the omelet (but will eat it with veggies) but the Oatmeal is just NASTY! YUCK!!

So the first couple days were fine but yesterday and today (so far). I am HUNGRY! I had a cup of tea and the cheesecake (cheesecake for breakfast.. heck yeah!) but now I am sitting here.. about an hour and a half away from lunch time and I am HUNGRY.. I will stick it out till lunch time but I really want to eat.. and then I'm gonna have a salad with some IP chips and I'll still be HUNGRY. I know I have the willpower to do it.. But I don't want to just be hungry all the time because it'll be more likely to cheat...
Tobi - congrats on getting started! The first few days are really rough but remember you can have an extra unrestricted pack if needed to help you through the first week or so. After the first few days it really does get easier for most people.

Eat more lettuce, drink hot herbal tea, make sure you get all your water in, eat some pickles - those all help. Try and distract yourself - take a nice hot bath, read a book, read the forums here to keep you busy.

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