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Happy Valentines Day to all my Wordly Chicks!

I am at work and should be working but my brain is tired and i want/need some me time, so I'm catching up on here and work can wait for 10 dang minutes!
I am VERY happy it is Friday and we are off Monday for President's day.

We finally had a TOPS meeting last night and I showed a small loss--.25 lb but hey, it was a loss. I have a new incentive. We have a friend who we haven't seen in a couple of years and his son is getting married in April and they invited us to the wedding. We plan to go and I want to be down 10-15 will give me confidence about myself. So, I have something new to work towards in the area of weight-loss. I am one that I need small goals to work towards.

Happy: When I was reading about your lost mail, I have been having the same issue. I have missed several of my magazines because of this and it ticks me off. We have a different mail person often I think and so I"m not sure how to get it taken care of.

How nice that you will be recognized for your efforts with the Human Society!

Sorry you are dealing with a "Know it all" Volunteer...I"m sure you can set her straight...the best way is usually letting them "fall on their butts" and pick themselves back up!

Laura: GREAT pictures and I am in awe that you worked out on the cruise! Way to go! Sounds like you have a full weekend planned...will you do anything different with your hair when you go to your appointment?

Shad: Your walks sounds lovely. I want to walk in warm weather and see green grass and flowers!

Michelle: What is bringing on the insomina? I hope you get some good sleep soon.

Ceejay: Glad to hear that the training is going better with the new guy. Now, if you can just get your "company" situation taken care of.

Annie: ganglion cysts are not fun and nothing to mess with...I hope you get it taken care of soon.

Tara: You are doing great with walking. do you listen to music when you walk?

Ok..the work world needs me so I must go. I'll be around this weekend.

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