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Originally Posted by Sheriously View Post
I think initial stages of any weight loss plan when you see the higher losses and the first feel good feelings that happen obviously start the momentum and keep it going for a while. After some success, it isn't such a novelty anymore, so momentum is lost. I also think that I sabotage myself when I finally get to a reasonable weight .... almost the way they say that people get used to a certain amount of money in their bank account and no matter what they earn....that amount tends to stay the same. I think it's the same psychological response... I myself don't want this to happen again...I hope that STAYING at the reasonable weight for a good amount of time, will teach me that THAT weight is now normal...and straying from THAT weight would be weird.

Anyhow, that was a little run-on, stream of consciousnessy (haha).
I can certainly relate to this...especially getting to a reasonable weight and then I stop rather than continuing to move to goal. I used to always say things like well I am healthier, slimmer than I was so this is good enough. operative word enough without ever giving myself a shot at being the best me...just the enough me. Enough of that!
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