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Hi ladies,

Had absolutely NO sales at the thrift store today. But my hair came out a nice color - I just had her trim it, trying to grow it out a bit and frankly I can't do much with it when it's only 2 inches long. I did quite a bit of walking around town today - from the senior center after yoga to the coffee shop on the corner for some soup, coffee shop back to the thrift shop, from the thrift shop to the hair dresser. I found walking in the snow it's own challenge, can't imagine cross country skiing 30 miles for the race next weekend. One of the hairdressers did her first race last year and is doing it again this year. We got about 5 inches of fresh snow between yesterday and today and she said it was REALLY difficult - she looked wiped out and she's a very fit lady. Yoga was fun but my arms seem to have shrunk a good 12 inches since the last time I took classes. I did try and review the closing procedures for the thrift store but was informed by the new volunteer that she's been running a cash register for 30 years and would be ok. I guess she will absorb how to do things like closing out the day's receipts by osmosis - I wasn't going to put up a fuss. I went outside to shovel snow and the coordinator stopped by - I told him she said she didn't need training and I winked and he rolled his eyes. Not my problem. I also got there early from yoga class and she proceeded to put her hat and coat on but I informed her that she had an hour to go yet on her shift - most of the time I just let the others go if I get in early but this lady rubbed me the wrong way and cut me off whenever I started to explain something so I figured she best start pulling her own weight if that's what she wanted to do.

Ceejay - I think a cruise along the Mississippi would be great fun - the river starts north of where I am which puts you more than half way down - that would make for an interesting route if you did start to end. And thanks, I also think it's great that they recognize the Shelter volunteers. We have a fantastic group of people. Just like the Memphis zoo is one of the nicest zoos I've seen - because of the help and dollars of the corporate sponsors - we have a really nice shelter because of the donated manpower and willingness to fund raise. I'm glad your new coworker is calming down - he still will probably do things differently than you - shortcuts.

Terra - Kansas - are you in the open plains getting socked with these snowstorms too? I have only been in Kansas once, when we drove to Denver and we probably took I70 and were north of you. Did you get all of your walking done for the day?

Shad - oh how I envy you a walk through the botanic gardens. You can have the walk up the steep hill but I'd love to see some flowers. Please do not go out in "ominous and threatening weather" I know you have talked of having a broom once or twice but don't assume you can rely on it to get you safe passage. Having a walk through the fair sounds lovely too. I take it that Wellington summers are quite wet and rainy. Heard that back home you are getting weather as over the top hot as the snow and cold we are experiencing here. As for New Orleans, I think there are parts of it that would fascinate you and parts that would downright scare you. But you might enjoy the river cruise.

Laura - love the pictures - thanks for sharing them. Sounds like it was quite a nice cruise. You did well with the weigh in all things considered and I am really proud of you for completing your challenge while you were vacationing. I agree that having a gym with spectacular scenic views would be nice. I have a few yoga tapes that were made in southern California on a nice cliff or beach.

Going to have to cut this short. Of all things a black house fly has appeared on the wall. Nina our younger cat is an avid hunter and she is crawling back and forth across my keyboard barking and chattering at this fly that is tormenting her. Of course this greatly interferes with my typing so before I lose this post I will submit it. I have another busy day tomorrow will try and finish personals with my coffee in the morning. Nite all. Nina behave!!!!
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