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"Try online grocery shopping. They deliver and you dont even have to open them the door. I agree with the previous posts: your doctor should change the depression meds. As some help with anxiety. A sign they work is you will find yourself realizing you are "worried/afraid" about a situation but going into it anyways as if you were floating outside your body. You must seek therapy. There is no med that can help without therapy. Good luck..."


"I have severe anxiety with infrequent panic attacks. My anxiety is mostly social anxiety, so taking a walk around the neighborhood or going to a gym triggers my anxiety too much to be a long-term solution. If walking around the block triggers your agoraphobia, then work up to it. Try workout videos at home (where it's safe.) I really like the Leslie Sansone videos because they are easy and feature people of all different sizes.
I agree with everyone's suggestions to try different SSRIs and talk to a therapist. Until you get help with the anxiety, you can still get exercise inside your home. It may just take some creativity."

Thanks I will check out those videos...I remember doing turbojam for a little while and I really enjoyed it. Got my heart rate up pretty quickly.

"I like going out, socializing doesn't bother me but large THAT bothers me. I just don't like large crowds of people. I love sports and would love to go to say basketball of football but when I'm there...I'd be VERY uncomfortable."

Totally know what you mean...It NEVER bothered me before I would go to music festivals and such...Now the idea gets me nervous..
it really has sucked the joy out of everything, not to be a total downer I don't know how else to describe it..But on the positive side people have gotten better, there is hope.
One silver lining I can take from this is i don't take much for granted anymore. i am thankful for every good moment and can appreciate the smallest thing when I have peace of mind.......I can also recommend a book that gave me some comfort for anyone interested called "Hope and Help for your nerves" Dr Claire Weekes. it was published originally in 1960's so some of the wording can sound dated but she has a very comforting way of explaining symptoms,etc.

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