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This my last post in this thread. And it is all about assumptions.

I lived with grains for 48 years. I am very familiar with what grains do to me. I have not lived with grains to more and more of a degree for the last 9 months.

While it is true that I cannot say what other people feel or how their bodies work exactly. Not only is that true of everyone else. But they also can't even say how their bodies and minds do on no grains unless they have ever done it. All they can ever have is assumptions until they do.

I have exceeded my wildest dreams this past 9 months in terms of health, vitality, strength, endurance, mood, clarity of mind, and yes weight loss.

And all of that was because I was able to give up many of my long held assumptions.

Assumption 1: No way I can go wheat free, much less grain free. I was playing tennis a year ago. Someone on court mentioned they had to be wheat free. I had three that must be impossible. Two I could never do that. Three wow that is amazing you are able to accomplish that. At that time I would have bet a million dollars against me being able to do it. But as I researched and person after person said how powerful it can be, I let go of my assumption and tried.

Assumption 2: I just need to control calories, exert more willpower, change my relationship to food, and I can have anything I want in moderation and this is the key to weight loss success. The more I researched the more people said the foods you choose can be radically working against you. You can be consuming huge amounts of food but still starving your body because the food just gets stored and is low nutritional value. I decided to listen to this advice this time. And my appetite went down, and down, and down.

Assumption 3: Whole grain is good and/or necessary. We switched out to whole grain years ago. Pasta and bread. And it had to say 100% whole grain. I am putting a couple of links at the bottom of the page that are mind blowing if you have a mind to challenge your assumptions. It turns out that at best grains are not a very efficient food source. They have nothing essential you can't get elsewhere. They also keep a lot of their nutrients bound and unusable. And then there are a whole host of impacts that people are starting to become aware of.

Assumption 4: But I eat grains all the time and I am fine. This is a big one. Great. Awesome. Happen for people. But even someone who is at goal weight and strong and active, until they give up grains say 4 to 6 months, really get it out of them. Or at least a month. They have nothing to compare it to. Maybe many people have done that and it didn't work. And that is great. But until you try it is just an assumption that it wouldn't be even better without grains.

These links are wonderful. I started this thread because people around the Internet taking the time to post transformed my life. I cannot believe how much healthier I am now. And I wanted to past it on. But this thread has become a very big drag. I am sure it is a drag for many people. Wannabe's very first post was an attack, if she hasn't taken it down, and it just mucked up the whole thread. Nothing about ideas just carb police this, you talk to your co-worker like that. Unnecessary. So unnecessary. So this is my last post.

Read these or don't. But if you eat grains please at least research them. Ask if they are nutritional. Ask if humans eat them. Ask if they are essential. Find out the glycemic index of whole wheat. By all means eat them if you wish, but at least research them somewhere.