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Morning all and TGIF.

Yep it is Friday here. Thank heaven. However I have a fairly busy weekend planned as well. Tonight I need to go plan some meals using the stuff in the freezer and then sort out the rest of the shopping for the week ahead or maybe the fortnight ahead. Also I need to clean the kitchen and sweep all floors and put a wash on. Saturday, I am definitely up the hills for some much required exercise. Sort of planning an early one, up the hill, down through the botanic gardens, and back home along Tokyo Lane via the historic cemetary - as long as I keep moving, I'll get out of there okay. Then I am off to Petone (pronounced Pe tony) to the Petone fair. The whole of the main street is blocked off and there are stalls and food and craft sales everywhere. Sunday I will be off to the markets for fruit and vegetables, plus any grocery shopping that I find I need between now and then. I'd like to take a trip to the zoo at some stage on Sunday, but that all depends on the weather, which currently is 'ominous and threatening'.

Laura - love hearing about the cruise. I watched a cruise ship come into harbour this morning - the Seaborn Odyssey - she's not a big ship, but she looks nice. Earlier in the week we had 2 biggies in the harbour. Over 2000 passengers on one and nearly 3500 on the other. If I was to go on a cruise, it would be a little one. All those people would drive me nuts.
I saw a tv program a few weeks back about travelling the Mississippi River from it's delta to its source. There was a segment on those funerals and the marches. The man in the white coat in your picture looks remarkably like the man that the British tv presenter was interviewing.

Terra - I am nosy. Where do you live, have you got family, are you married, do you have a dog, is that the dog is your avatar, do you work, what sort of work do you do? Like I said, I'm nosy.

Michelle - hope you get some sleep tonight.

Happy - sad indictment on the mail services up your way. How the **** can someone who drives into a letter box, be allowed to drive at all. How many more letterboxes does she drive into?
Happy training.

Susie - always some way around things, even though I would not like to try and buck the Chinese authorities. They are not known for compassion and kindness. Good luck to the boss.

So it is back to the program for me. I will either bust it or fix it. Although I have to admit that fix it is not my ideal. I really hate that program.
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