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hey all. my mom has had a lot of success with this program, but she adds the following:

SF creamer in her coffee
2 T of light salad dressing/day
occasional peanuts
shredded cheddar on a salad 1-2x/week

she says without these accommodations, she couldn't do the diet at all. and she has been sticking to plan 100% (minus her few caveats) except 1 day off (Xmas) since August 15 and is down over 80 lbs. She hasn't weighed this little since high school and is only 18 lbs from her goal of 200.

Love this thread because to stick to it, ya gotta do what makes it work for you. Here's what I've found helps me stay close to plan:

SF creamer or skim milk in my coffee
1 unrestricted and 2 "barely" restricteds/day (my alternative bars have 8 net carbs but are higher in cals than unrestricteds)
not worrying about my healthy oil intake when i use it to cook
sm amts of dressing on salads
some 70% cocoa dark chocolate

I know as I get closer to my goal, I will have to eliminate these, starting with the chocolate and oils. But if I DON'T make these concessions, I will go off the rails... and as long as it works, I'm okay with it slowing down losses just a little so that I lose more in the long run. Maybe this makes me an 80%er, but the principle of 3 supplements + 8 oz meat + 4 c veg remains.

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