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Morning all. Happy Thursday. My 4-day week feels like it’s crawling by – shouldn’t today be Friday already??

Happy – Sounds like a busy couple days ahead for you. I’m sure you can train the new shop volunteer without scaring her away – it wasn’t you that trained the one that only lasted one day, was it?? So nice the humane society recognizes its volunteers. Without them, where would they be?? Oh brother, too bad you have a crappy mail lady. You might just need to rent a post office box instead of dealing with her haphazard ways, but then again, you’d have to hope the employee putting the mail in those PO boxes is competent…a situation like that would finally convince me to go paperless on my bills, lol. Our mail carriers are very good – I feel bad that Coal barks like crazy when they deliver.

Enjoy the casino buffet tomorrow – yum, crab, shrimp…I ordered crabcakes at dinner on Monday and they were less crabcake and more like big piles of crab, served with a nice fresh basil-tomato salsa as well as remoulade sauce. Yum!! Both bf and his mom wished they’d ordered that, despite enjoying their own meals. All the talk of ganglion cysts reminds me a bit of my right knee. Years ago I had some pain and a bit of swelling in one spot – I figured it was too much Jazzercising. I was also experiencing the occasional feeling of it “going out”. But the orthopedic doc said the knee joint wasn’t going out, it was some sort of fatty tissue in there that was getting hung up on the joint when I did certain things. He drew some fluid from it, nothing bad. I think he did a cortisone shot in the knee for the pain and that was that. I still experience that “going out” feeling, but only when I’m sitting on my haunches or down in the yoga position called child’s play – essentially whenever my knees are bent all the way under me. Hope the doc can help you with your knee problems – a crunching sound isn’t good at all.

Susie – Glad you got the travel/visas worked out. Hope it all goes as planned for your boss - good thing he is familiar with travel to China. Travel arrangements are one thing I wish I could leave to other people – the way things work in the world of airlines and customs, etc. can be very complicated and convoluted!!

Shad – Like Susie, you sound very busy at work. Sorry the system is giving you fits. Boo on going home cranky – don’t blame you for chilling out with a drinky after that. The show and tell night sounded nice. Glad you got the photo package deal tweaked to work out for both sides of the family. Re the shot of me on the beach – that was a selfie and so it was my finger. As good as cameras are these days, the photographer still plays a part in the quality of the photo. Okay, I’ll post a couple photos from NOLA, but the one is a band playing in the French Qtr, but I didn’t get the guy who (as part of the band) danced to the music. I think that kind of band probably also does the funeral parades that are the tradition in NOLA.

Ceejay – Good for you – let the trainee do all the work while he’s with you. That’ll help him learn anyway. Is his maintenance job just for the water plant or for other city departments/utilities?? So it's your weekend now? Ah, enjoy. Hope the friend stays at her place or elsewhere and not your place this weekend!!!

Michelle – Sorry you’re going to be dragging with exhaustion all day. I hope you get a good night’s sleep tonight!!

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies – hope all is well in your little spot of this earth. None of us out east in the US thank goodness – they’re in a whopper of a storm. Our airport looked like a ghost town on the news this morning.


Crazy awful food day yesterday, ended with going out to dinner with bf last night. Had a big cheeseburger and some of the restaurant’s homemade potato chips. Watched the Olympics last night – men’s speedskating, women’s downhill skiing and couples figure skating. Turned it off when the halfpipe or whatever it’s called came on. Not my thing.

After work I have my hair appointment. Bf wanted to use a freebie Noodles & Co offer he received in his e-mail. It’ll be sort of late by the time my appointment is done, but we’ll see how that works out. Like I need another meal out...

On with my vacation recap. Forgot to mention that Sat. night/Sun. morning in NOLA I did my two challenges, leaving two days left. Monday was Day 2 of the cruise and it was a day at sea. It was nice and sunny, and hot and humid and no I’m not complaining. I don’t think I took any photos to speak of that day, and the day is a blur. At some point we ate brekky, I did my challenge for the day in the fitness center (I might get to the gym more frequently if it had the beautiful ocean vistas this one had), visited the shore excursion desk to ask some questions, and then a couple of us got out on the pool deck for some sun. I took a couple dips in the adult pool to stay cool, but otherwise was content to sit on the lounger, listen to the band and watch people dance when the DJ took over with dance music. After dinner we went to the show in the theater. It was a magician who was a comedian. I’m not big on magic acts, but this guy was really funny, and it was more comedy than magic, so I really enjoyed it. We all did.

Day 3, Tuesday, we ported in Cozumel, Mexico. On tap was our excursion, Cozumel Highlights and Shopping. This was probably the one I was least excited about, as it was a bus tour, but we had an excellent tour guide and it was really interesting. One of the stops was (IMO) a tourist-trappy sort of place “Discover Mexico”, sort of like a museum/cultural center. If we’d gone alone and just seen a bunch of mini-replicas of Mayan ruins, I’d have been very disappointed, but it was our guide’s presentation that made it special and really made me look forward to our excursion to a real Mayan ruins later in the cruise. Another stop was a small town with both a tiny old church and a small Mayan temple sitting beside it. Then we stopped at a beautiful beach, and then a tequila tasting. The tequila stop was the least interesting for me – it isn’t produced in Cozumel…strictly for tourist biz, and I’m not into tequila. Rum would have been another matter altogether, LOL. The brief tour around town was also ho hum, but again the guide added a lot – he had a lot of passion and pride for his heritage and his hometown in Mexico and that came through in his presentations. After some dockside browsing in the shops, it was back to the ship for lunch and then my challenge. After dinner, we went to another show. This was an 80’s music show, with both singing and dancing. It was entertaining. Not sure why bf didn’t want to go to the shows when we went on our cruise 5 years ago…we really enjoyed the shows on this cruise.

Okay, better get this posted before there’s more interruptions. Dang work!!

Photos of NOLA attached: me in front of some nicely decorated balconies, the band playing in the French qtr, setting sail from NOLA on a foggy, misty day.
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