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Wine4Me- Great job on the WI! You're so close to your goal! Hope you have a nice weekend away...sounds nice. : )

1. Name one IP thing/moment that you are grateful for this week. Getting a lot of support from my IP coach and doctor. They help me put a greater meaning behind the program which really motivates me.

2. How are you dealing with stress and emotions without food? I am talking it out with friends, seeing a therapist, and journaling.

3. What is your greatest struggle on IP? My tendency to emotionally eat is a struggle, but is much less of a struggle when I've been 100% OP for at least 3-4 weeks. The food cravings and temptation to cheat and emotionally eat come back when I eat off plan. Staying OP and being in constant ketosis keeps the cravings at bay.

3. How do you think your life will be different at goal? I'm looking forward to being proud of my body and being able to buy clothing to accentuate my new body. Also, I'm excited to be at a goal weight so that I can exercise to get toned and maintain my weight, rather than exercising to lose which is not as fun. I've already noticed his much better it feels to walk now that I'm over 40 lbs lighter. I can imagine how great it will feel to exercise at my goal weight or when I get closer to it.
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