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Hugs. I can definitely relate - I have a past of under eating as well. That said, I have felt that WW has helped me realize what "normal" portion sizes are. As well, I feel that you will find that tracking what you are eating will build your confidence that you are eating the right amount (not overeating) and will ease up on any guilt if you decide to indulge in a treat (within your plan of course). With me, no matter how healthy I ate, I felt guilty for a single on-plan cookie. With time it has gotten better. It can still be a mind game, but what I do when I'm doubting myself is look at my daily eating in my tracker and it calms me down because I can see that I'm on the right track.

Good luck. I would encourage you to not only eat your 26 points but to eat some of your activity or weeklies as well. Even if you allow 5 weeklies per week you likely will see that it will not effect your weight loss. And maybe aftier that you'll feel comfortable to add 5 more. That is how I overcame the fear of eating weeklies. Eating some weekly points also improved my quality of life.

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