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Default State of the Susan Address

Hi everyone.

It's my one year anniversary here at 3FC so I no longer qualify as "Shiny and New." I also thought I'd take this opportunity to assess my progress.

In the past year, you have all helped me:

1) lose 40 pounds of fat
2) lose 22cm (about 8 1/2") from my waist
3) lower my BMI from 47 to 39 (according to my wii board)

Those are the numbers. In addition, I have (re)gained the ability to:

1) do a normal day's work without feeling deceased
2) go for a walk and enjoy it rather than spending the whole time being self conscious that people I might pass will notice how I'm panting just to get up the hill behind my house
3) scratch my own back between my shoulder blades!
4) bend over and put the palms of my hands flat on the floor

So! I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone here for the support- I know I'm not the most prolific poster, but it has meant a lot to me to have a place to come and people who understand when the going gets tough.

To the newbies: do it. Do it, do it, do it! Although I've "only" lost 40someodd pounds, (I need to lose about 100 more) I feel like a human again. For me, this started the day I decided I was worth taking care of, not the day I hit a particular number. When I catch my reflection, my first thought is no longer "ugh," it's "Wow, I'm looking good!"

Now, I think we've all earned some dancing veggies, don't you?


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